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Jogging is probably the easiest way to exercize when your are far from home.

Whether you are in Cannes to work or to enjoy your vacation, it is always great to start your day feeling fit and healthy.

Being sharp will help you get more productive throughout your day.

Running releases the stress and set your mind free. Most of business men who come in Cannes for congresses start their day with a morning run. 

It is very convenient to go for a run in Cannes, as you have plenty of space along the shore. You can start running anywhere from La Croisette, toward either west or east.

It is important during summer to run early morning or late afternoon. Make sure you hydrate yourself enough as it gets quite hot during summer here. 

If you run very often 30 minutes is enough to start your day with a little punch. Now if you look for a harder work out for a better shape you can run as far as you want, it is nice to run 3 times 1 hour during the week.

So the best spot to start your run is from both ends of the Croisette, so by the Palais on the west side, and the Martinez on the east side. It is not so nice to actually run on the Croisette as it is too crowded.

Here are some exemples of different runs you can do :


EAST DIRECTION (toward Juan Les Pins / Antibes)

3kms: from Martinez Hotel to Palm Beach Casino (Pointe Croisette, Place Franklin Roosevelt 06400 Cannes)


5kms: from Martinez Hotel to Port du Mouré Rouge 06400 Cannes


WEST DIRECTION (Towards Mandelieu)

7kms: from Palais des Festivals to 30 Boulevard du Midi 06400 Cannes


10kms: from the Palais des Festivals to 78 Boulevard du Midi 06400 Cannes


15kms: from the Martinez Hotel to the Pullman Royal Casino Hotel in Mandelieu (605 Avenue Général de Gaulle, 06212 Mandelieu)


20kms: from Palais des Festivals to Théoule Sur Mer (zip code of Théoule Sur Mer: 06590)


33kms: from Palais des Festivals to 16 Avenue du Trayas 06590 Théoule Sur Mer (Stunning sea view & unique red rocks in Théoule: experience the treasures of this unique village with its tiny & exclusive inlets)


So put your shoes on, rock your favourite jams into your headphone, and enjoy the sea view !


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