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Airport transportation

You have different options to go to the airport :


-Regular taxi :
We can call you a regular taxi to pick you up at your apartment. Let us know if you need a specific car (station wagon, van…). It costs around 85€ to go to the airport from Cannes. The price may vary depending on the exact kilometers, the traffic, the number of people and suitcases.


-Private driver :
We can schedule a pick up with a private driver. You have a choice between a standard car, a luxury car, or a van. Our drivers speak English, wear suits, assist with luggage and offer bottles of water. Prices start at 95€ with a standard car.


-The bus :

Nice Airport Xpress 210: it is the quickest bus to get to the airport (45 minutes). It departs from the Hôtel de ville every 30 minutes.

It is free for children under 4 years old                             - 5€ from 4 to 12 years old                                                 -15€ under 26 years old                                                   -20€ for adults.


Bus 200 : this bus is cheaper (1.5€), it goes to Nice and stops by the airport. They are many stops on its way so it takes longer (about 1 hour and a half).

The bus starts at Rue Louis Blanc by the Cannes Hôtel de Ville (city hall of Cannes).

Before leaving Cannes the bus will stop at rue des Serbes, the train station, Pont des Gabres, Zamenoff, Pont Alexandre III, Capron, Notre Dame des Pins, and les Pervenches. The bus will then head toward Nice along the coast. The bus stop for Nice airport is called Aéroport/Promenade.

(The airport stop is outside the terminals on the main road).

When going to the airport: you need to press a button in the bus that will inform the driver that you want to stop at the next bus stop;

When going from the airport to Cannes: on the road at the bus stop, you need to wave when you see the bus 200 coming as it can happen that the bus does not stop at every bus stop unless requested.


-The train :
There are lots of train during the day (2 to 3 trains per hour) that you can take to go to Nice Saint Augustin (closest station to the airport). The price is between 6€ and 10€ per personne depending on the time. It takes a good 30 minutes to get there.

Once you arrive in Saint Augustin you can take a shuttle to go to the airport, or you can walk (15 minutes by foot).


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